6 thoughts on “Bluetooth 5 is very fast

    • I didn’t measure that. I’ll hook up the Saleae logic analyzer when I get the chance. There was no delay at 20 wpm which is as fast as I can copy cw. No latency and no arrival jitter like you get on WiFi.


      • I hooked up a square wave generator to the key input on one radio I worked on.. The system was still going strong at 1000 HZ (1000 dots / sec). The output RF envelope at speeds much higher than that was not much use though, it didn’t have enough time to come up to its full levels.


  1. I use Winkeyer.:

    “Winkeyer replaces PC generated Morse and produces perfectly timed elements at speeds up to 99 WPM. In addition, WinKeyer provides an optical isolation between your PC and radio to prevent ground loops and electrical noise problems.”


    • For Scanners: I only know Bluetooth Low Energy (not Classic). On iOS I use nRF Connect, LightBlue (from Punch Through), and a new one EFR Connect (Silicon Labs). On Android, nRF Connect. On Android more information like bonding status and MAC address is available which iOS doesn’t provide.
      For Sniffers: I use a Nordic nRF 52840DK Development Kit programmed with sniffer code and WireShark (documented on Nordic web site). Although I don’t find sniffers very useful for what I do. It monitors the key exchange and decrypts but I depend on the BLE stacks to sort all that out and it either works or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, it’s something in my code.


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